Thursday, November 15, 2012

MENSA AWARD: Idiot Arrested After Trying To Return Underwear She Stole

When 19-year-old Rickeita Butler woke up one day a couple weeks ago, she came to the conclusion that it would be a smart idea to go to the Victoria's Secret store in the Cool Springs Galleria with her friend Chimayne Talley and steal $1,500 worth of lingerie.

So yesterday these two brainiacs decided it was time to cash in.  They went to Opry Mills, and Butler went in to return all of it at the Victoria Secret store there.  Not having a receipt, the massive return would not process in the store computer.  When she tried to leave the store, she was stopped by undercover cops (sneaky!) who were wondering why she had so much merchandise to return.

After first lying, she confessed to the crime and was arrested.  Talley was found hanging out in the parking lot.

Rickeita Butler and Chimayne Talley:
A pair of freaking geniuses.

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