Thursday, March 21, 2013

MENSA AWARD: Idiot Caught Running Light With Car Full of Stolen Merchandise

Gilberto Ramirez and Ricardo Najera-Castillo and a minor were hanging out Tuesday night looking for something to do, when one of them said, "Hey, lets go and break into Precision Window Tinting on Murfreesboro Pike and steal stuff."

So these brainiacs go and commit the burglary and load up their car with stuff.  Afterward, they were rolling around when around 2:00 in the morning they encountered a flashing red light on  Haywood Lane.  Ramirez, who was driving, must have thought, 'What the hell does this mean?"

This Phi Beta Kappa must have figured the flashing red light meant go, because that's what he did.

Oh-oh.  That was a Metro cop observing this traffic violation.  After pulling them over, the alert cop noticed a generator and several boxes of window tint in the back seat.  And a BB pistol that looked like a real semi-automatic gun.  A BB gun???  Really???

After a discussion, the three proudly admitted they just knocked off the Precision Window Tinting.

Police then found  found another generator, car stereos and a flat screen TV in the trunk.

Oh, and Ramirez, didn't have a license.  Cuffed and stuffed.

Now let's be clear: If you're going to take your BB gun and commit a felony, then load your car full of hot merchandise, obey all traffic laws!  Better yet, stop breaking into places and stealing stuff.  You're too stupid to be a criminal.

Gilberto Ramirez and Ricardo Najera-Castillo:
Should have paid closer attention in drivers ed.

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