Monday, March 11, 2013

MENSA AWARD: Idiot Drops Bag Of Blow In Front Of Cop

Miguel Bodre was at the Exxon at Old Hickory Blvd. and Nolensville Road making a purchase.  I don't know what he was buying - maybe some chips, some beer, a Mountain Dew - who knows?  But if he was buying gas, next time he needs to use Pay at the Pump.

For you see, our hero was reaching into his pocket to get some cash - no doubt he wanted to pay with exact change - when he accidentally dropped a bag of blow on the floor.  Oops!  And oh yeah, there just happened to be a cop standing there.  OOPS!

It gets even better.  The powder was in small bags ready for resale.  So tghis genius was cuffed and stuffed...

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